Spice Bazaar is a one stop all-things-spices shop, delivering premium quality to your door nationwide. We bring you herbs, spices and tantalising sauces from across South Africa – everything you need to spice up your cooking! Whether you need the perfect masala to make a hot Durban curry, the right blend for a delicious biryani or would like to dabble in some Mexican, Thai or Moroccan cooking – we’ve got you covered! Our mission is to make cooking with spices easy, fun and accessible for you.

We stock most of South Africa’s well-known brands as well as our own specially selected and packaged Spice Bazaar products. Experience the difference quality products can make to your cooking and impress your friends and family with a taste sensation!


Our Story

Spice Bazaar is a Thaver family business, based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. All of the Thavers, Collin, wife Nikki and three daughters Lerise, Kaylene and Lekia love cooking and especially enjoy spicey curries, thanks to their Durban-Indian heritage and upbringing. When Collin and Nikki were married and living together in Cape Town, Collin made sure his mother came to visit them and spend a good number of days in the kitchen with Nikki teaching her how to make proper Durban style curries! This mission was accomplished and each time they travelled to Durban, or had family visiting from Durban they made sure to stock up on spices.

Since moving to Cape Town and realising the difficulty in sourcing good Durban-style spices, it has been a dream of Collin Thaver for many years to open a local spice shop. However having a business in the inbound travel sector meant life was always too busy to make this a reality. Then the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the tourism industry came to an almost complete standstill and Collin realised at the end of 2020 that this was unlikely to change in the near future. He decided that this was the perfect time to fulfil his dream and open that spice shop at last! Spice Bazaar opened its doors to customers on 09 March 2021 and the online store shortly after.